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رشته ورزشی جدید جت سامورایی

رشته ورزشی"جت سامورایی"

وقتی تکنولوژی مدرن هوافضا با هنرهای رزمی قدیمی ترکیب شود.رشته ورزشی"جت سامورایی"که به تازگی با پخش این ویدیو در شبکه های اجتماعی طرفداران زیادی پیدا کرده است.
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Samurai fighting with jet packs is the futuristic sport we’ve all been waiting for

This is the action movie I never knew I needed until now. Just a bunch of samurai with jet packs flying around and attacking each other for honor, and presumably the acquisition of more jet packs.

It’s a jet pack-based economy in my fiction — where only the wealthy are able to acquire more jet packs for their samurai to battle in overhead cloud cities. Damn ... this plot is better than 9/10ths of movies already out there.

P.S. I know this is probably fake and they’re on wires or something, but it’s real to me dammit. I just want to believe jet-pack samurai are a thing. Let me be blissfully ignorant.

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